Don't ditch your customers at the finish line. With our new Engage Bot for Shopify, you'll be able to keep holding their hand until their order arrives, with real-time updates and more sent direct to Facebook Messenger.

We've all been there. You've just ordered a new watch. It took you ages to find the right one. You searched tens of websites, looked at hundreds of product pages, compared, analysed, rationalised, and now you've finally found it. The perfect watch. And you can't wait for it to arrive.

Almost as soon as you've ordered it, you're checking your email for order confirmation; shipping notifications; estimated arrival times. You simply can't get enough information.

Introducing Engage Bot for Shopify

Engage Bot delivers all the latest order updates your customers could ever want via Facebook Messenger, so they never miss a beat. No frantic scrolling through emails, no logging into accounts - just real-time information delivered direct to their favourite social media platform.

1. Opt-in & receive

Asset h.png

With Engage Bot installed, your customers can opt in to receive order updates via Facebook Messenger when checking out, all at the click of a button.

What better way to contact your customers than on Facebook - the World's biggest Social Media platform? With around 2.23 billion users per month spending an average of 41 minutes per day on the App, receiving order updates via this platform presents a natural and familiar form of communication that's in keeping with your customers modern lifestyle.

2. Order updates

engage bot order confirmation.png

Once opted-in, customers will receive updates about their order the second they become available. Order and despatch confirmation along with expected delivery dates will all be sent as Facebook Messages to keep them super informed right up to the moment the parcel arrives on their doorstep.

engage bot order updates.png

With regular updates, customers will feel you've got their back every second of the way, reducing post-sale anxiety and boosting satisfaction to leave them with a great lasting imppression of your business.

3. Review requests

And when your customers are happy with their new products in hand, we'll make it easy to harness that satisfaction. You can specify the most appropriate time to ask for a review, and we'll get one sent straight to your customer's Facebook Messenger. With this familiar, friendly form of communication, you can expect to see a higher conversion rate and those 5-star reviews rolling in.

In Summary

Informed customers = happy customers.

Engage Bot for Shopify helps you to give your customers the best possible after-care. Through a medium they enjoy and engage with regularly, they'll never have to go looking for information, resulting in much smoother customer experiences and higher customer satisfaction.

Engage Bot is available now as a Bolt-On for £29/month.

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