Linenbundle have reduced their Google Ad CPA 20%, nearly doubled their on-page conversions and saved 23% of their ad spend thanks to Seller Ratings facilitated by

It appears Linenbundle don't do things by halves, and have seen brand growth and multiple other benefits from utilising a host of features. They started collecting reviews as little as 4 months ago, and since then they've been getting on very well indeed!

Who are Linenbundle?

Linenbundle are a luxury-without-the-price-tag bedding company, offering high quality duvets covers, sheets and pillow cases. The good folks that make up Linenbundle felt that many of the high street stores were selling comfortable and indulgent bedding not only at eye watering prices, but also with a lot of waffle.

They wanted to cut both, as well as the middle men, to offer customers a simple and easy-on-the-wallet solution.

Review foresight

Linenbundle knew their service and products would please their customers from the get go, therefore wanted to harness that satisfaction through review collection from the start as well. Incorporating reviews into their service early on has helped Linenbundle find their feet as well as stay fresh.

Even with seasoned staff, a new concept like Linenbundle has potential blind spots as well as unknown product growth and direction. Linenbundle have been able to open up these blind spots and take a sneak peek into the future using sentiments garnered from their customer reviews:

Customer feedback in reviews on additional products they’d like to see added to our range has been invaluable in shaping what we add to our collections. We can confidently introduce products knowing it’s what customers want before we even produce them. Fantastic! - Thomas Glackin,

To continue that edge, Linenbundle also use the Competitor Analysis feature. Competitor Analysis is invaluable when setting your business standards higher than those around you, in order to strengthen your wins and learn how your competitors are striving to offer the best as well.

Competitor Analysis is fantastic, we use the dashboard regularly to benchmark our review rating and NPS against our closest competitors. - Thomas Glackin,

Customer feedback from reviews as well as analysis has enabled Linenbundle to grow far more quickly than if they had trialled products blindly. Not only that, but as they state it allows them to determine exactly what's needed, keeping them ahead of the game, which saves resources and therefore money.

Optimised ads & savings

Linenbundle's review collection has enabled them to observe even bigger savings. As a Google Licensed review partner, facilitates review stars to be displayed alongside Google Ads called Seller Ratings, a benefit unachievable through independent review collection. With the addition of Seller Ratings in their Google Ads, Linenbundle reduced their CPA 20%, which in itself has saved them an amazing 23% of their yearly ad spend so far.

To really drive this home, let's break this down. If a small business on average spends £1k per month on Google Ads, that would make a yearly spend of £12K. Twenty-three percent savings results in £2,760 saved for the year - or £230 per month - which is an attractive figure that can be used elsewhere.  

Once Linenbundle's customers had clicked their trustworthy and engaging ads, they also found that their on-site conversion from ad traffic practically doubled, with a 47% increase. Being able to see company favourability from within the listings means shoppers' faith is already well-established when on-site, resulting in a greater number of customers committed to fulfilling a purchase.

Not only that, Linenbundle make sure that their star rating in their ads is backed up when shoppers are browsing their website. Linenbundle proudly present their reviews across their site's pages, leaving shoppers in no doubt as to their great products and service, which in turn has helped them secure their final financial benefit  bolstered revenue of 29%!

Review publishing

It's easy to display reviews on your webpages with our quick and simple badges and widgets. We have a vast widget library which can fully-accommodate every business' website design and layout - such as the full page widget displayed above. Linenbundle also take their review publishing up a notch. If you're looking to create a fully immersive review experience for customers and remain branded like Linenbundle's reviews below, our API lets you do just that.

Dynamically displaying reviews on the website is super easy to use and crucial in maintaining a healthy conversion rate. - Thomas Glackin,

Success upon success with reviews

Linenbundle don't just let their customers stumble across their rating in the listings, they actively take it to where their customers and shoppers are most active by sharing that rating on social media. Since adding their star rating to their Facebook Ads, Linenbundle have seen ad engagement jump 40% compared to their adverts which did not feature their shiny stars.

We use our star rating and branding on all our social media advertising. We’ve split tested ads with and without the branding, the ads with the branding perform considerably better than those without. We’ve seen a 40% increase in click through rates. - Thomas Glackin,

The addition of the logo also lets shoppers instantly know that Linenbundle's reviews and therefore rating is genuine as they are collected through an impartial, trusted review platform.

Case study summary

Overall, Linenbundle have seen greater revenue and customer engagement from all aspects of review collection and publishing. Optimising their ads with stars has saved Linenbundle over 1/5th of their ad spend to utilise as they desire, and reviews displayed in those ads as well as across their website has given them increased consumer trust, interaction and thus on-page conversion. has been a key tool in helping build customer confidence in the research phase of their buying journey. Customers regularly mention our excellent review rating as a primary factor in deciding to purchase from us. I couldn’t recommend highly enough, it’s been priceless in fueling our growth! - Thomas Glackin,

We know review collection is always a step in the right direction for any business, but it's even more rewarding when we're able to hear how one of our clients has been able to gain customer trust and flourish using their customer feedback. To start seeing review benefits like Linenbundle, sign up today using one of the buttons on this page, or give our team a call.

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