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About Mango Bikes

Mango Bikes was born from a passion to inspire a new generation of cyclists, offering exceptional bikes at an accessible price.

Founded by students Ben and Jezz, university housemates who shared a love for cycling with an interest in revolutionary brands and a passion to create something that challenged the status quo.

Mango were born out of an obvious disconnect between the big bike companies and their customers. The old-school methods of manufacturer to distributor to retailer to end-user leave a huge void between the brand and their actual product buyers. They wanted to work with their customers, learn what they desired and create products that truly cater for the market.

Mango Bikes exists to inspire a new generation of cyclists, engaging them with beautifully designed bikes. To create a brand that is admired by customers and respected by their team and other companies alike. helps Mango Bikes increase brand trust

As a growing business, Mango Bikes knows the importance and value of word-of-mouth marketing. Reviews are the perfect way to offer social proof from other genuine, authentic shoppers.

Mango offers a unique custom-built bike solution, with a huge number of possible variations in colour and specification. Each bike is different and so there is huge potential for the use of reviews with photos.

Mango Bikes says:- made it super easy for us to integrate automated product review collection, and your team have always been quick to respond and help us with reviews on our e-commerce platform. We love that the platform has some quite advanced features, but presented in such a clear and simple way to use”

James Bertram, Digital Growth Manager

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