Comfort Works provides slipcovers for a range of popular sofa models, enabling people to rejuvenate and transform their living space. What began as a husband and wife team shocked by the cost of reupholstering their sofa has led to a business model based around quality, durable products and affordable, fair pricing.

When it comes to customer service, no one does it better than Comfort Works. The team goes above and beyond to make every customer's experience an amazing one. They aim to produce ‘Word Class’ experiences from start to finish - which just a quick look around their website will show you they’ll deliver. From the easily navigable menus to the selection of gorgeous fabrics available, ordering slipcovers has never been easier - or more enjoyable.


Customer Reviews of both the written and visual kind featured across the site show Comfort Works take true pride in enabling their customers to transform their spaces using their sofa covers.

We take everything into consideration in providing the best solution possible for anyone looking to save their sofa. Nothing makes us happier than our customers telling us that they've been WOWed by the experience we provide.

Rachel, co-founder

Comfort Works

The Challenge

Comfort Works received their first few reviews way back in 2014, and whilst they believed their great products spoke for themselves, they weren't entirely satisfied with how few reviews they were getting. They couldn't understand why they had so many orders and happy customers, yet reviews were only trickling in.

That’s where their review journey began.

The Solution

Comfort Works not only wanted to encourage more positive reviews, but also get a better understanding of those customers that weren't feeling compelled to leave a review.

As a relatively small business, Comfort Works needed a Review Partner that could offer them the tools to do this, at an affordable price.

With affordable and transparent pricing and plenty of tools to play with, was the perfect fit for Comfort Works.

We're not a big company after all. The other Review Platforms are charging amounts that companies with smaller budgets can't afford. seemed like the 'real deal' in that they put their clients first by providing a custom reviews solution that doesn't break the bank. It resonated exactly with what we're doing with sofa covers.

Henry, co-founder

Comfort Works

The's Dynamic Link enables Comfort Works to easily ask every single one of their customers to leave them a review. Having all these reviews available in one place has made it possible for Comfort Works to learn a great deal about how to provide even better experiences moving forward.

Every great review is chance to boost morale, whilst anything less than 5 stars Comfort Works sees as a chance to improve. They dissect every less-than-perfect review internally in order to identify the problem, solve it, and prevent it from reoccuring. Reviews have opened up a dialogue between Comfort Works and their customers, and enabled them to learn and evolve over the past couple of years.

They've also made great use of review responses, replying to 75.5% of customer feedback they receive. Review responses add a final flourish to the experience Comfort Works provide to their customers - their personal and personable replies help them to leave a lasting impression on their customers, whilst also showcasing great customer care to potential customers.

Comfort Works have also made use of Photo Reviews. Photo Reviews enable those companies with aesthetic products to show that 'the proof is in the pudding' for both their customers, and, in the case of Comfort Works, for the production team too. They use them on their site to show potential customers the transformations they will be able to achieve with Comfort Works sofa covers and also manage their expectations. The photos are also shared with the production teams to enable them to continually evaluate and improve the covers they provide.


comfort works reviews

Comfort Works have now collected over 1,340 reviews with an average star rating of 4.87 - a testament to their commitment to providing great customer service.

Collecting reviews with has helped fuel Comfort Works' growth, with their positive reviews being one of the top 3 reasons that customers choose to shop with them.

"We're quite sure that the positive reviews we've collected do drive conversions. Whilst we tell people not to correlate causation and effect, we have managed to double our revenue since we started using"

Chuck, Operations Manager

Comfort Works

Final Words

Comfort Works puts customer service at the heart of all they do, and their reviews are a testament to that. feel privileged to have been able to help them harness the happiness these experiences bring and watch them evolve and grow. If we ever need to get a set of sofa covers made, we know where we'll be getting ours from.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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