In as little as 3 months, service-based business GutterPRO have reached a milestone by receiving their 1,000th review!

A lot of people believe that achieving reviews as a service-based business is an uphill battle, with review collection deemed tedious and more hassle than it's worth. GutterPRO are a prime example of how quickly and easily tradespeople can create a review strategy and see that fantastic feedback come rolling in.

Who are GutterPRO?

GutterPRO are one of the UK's leading gutter clearing businesses working all across the UK from North to South, as well as stretching to Northern Ireland. With a professional and dedicated cleaner for certain regions, GutterPRO create localised and personal experiences, knowing that each cleaner is well-educated to that areas needs and requirements.

GutterPRO understood review collection was essential to help their business build trust and spread the good word, especially for each local area, but their own methods of review collection wasn't really working for them. That's when they decided a review platform was the way forward:

The reviews we got via Facebook were consistently good, but the collection method was fragmented. Asking in person after the service was carried out was not always possible, or sometimes we simply forgot. We needed a plan. With the platform, we were able to amalgamate the reviews for the national business, as well as give each Franchise Partner their own score.

Speed and ease

For any business, there are always 2 main concerns about review collection:

1) Collecting is going to be difficult and more effort than it's worth

2) Very few of my customers are going to leave a review

We were able to put GutterPRO's mind at ease for the first concern, as with a fully-automated review collection process in place, along with straightforward to implement badges and widgets for website review publication, asking for and utilising reviews is a breeze.

Although every business is different - there's no one size fits all - we try to reassure our clients that the majority of their customers will leave a review if simply asked. This is backed by research finding that 70% of individuals are more than happy to leave feedback if approached for a review, as well as given the means to leave one.

As GutterPRO found, with a solid review strategy in place taking manual collection off their hands, their reviews began to steadily grow, quashing concern number two:

It took a few hours to set up the integration, and then after a few days, the reviews started appearing. In three months since we started with we hit the magical 1000 reviews and our score is now at 4.95 out of 5.

However, if attaining a customer email address is tricker for your business, fear not. We designed our In-Store app with tradespeople in mind, so that if asking in person is your only contact you can still achieve review collection. The In-Store app works perfectly for door-to-door collection, as well as on-site requests, as without the need for an internet connection, review collection with the In-Store app enables you to go anywhere and still reap your customers great feedback.

If you're a currently a client and this is something you'd be interested in, download the In-Store app for your iOS iPad here.

Franchise reviews (branches)

One really important feature that has helped GutterPRO identify pain points as well as points of excellence in their service is the use of review tagging by branch. By tagging reviews by the region work was completed, GutterPRO are able to automatically differentiate their reviews for each location allowing them to see where they're winning, and potentially any areas where they're falling down. Reviews in general enable businesses to truly hear what their customers need, but reviews by branch creates specificity in order to then offer individualised training and thus strengthen that service.

We review the reviews daily, and the comments really help us identify what the customers find valuable about our service, and what we can do to improve.

Tagging like this is also valuable for customers. When on GutterPRO's website, an individual can navigate to the location they're in to find out about that service and instantly see reviews left for that area. Instead of gauging GutterPRO's overall rating on their homepage, shoppers can refine that further and really dig deep into what others living near them have to say about the service they received.

Delight on every channel

Finally, GutterPRO also see great results from sharing their reviews on social media. With automated review sharing set for Twitter, all of GutterPRO's shining reviews are sent to Twitter in real time helping to spread the good word about their services. They also manually share their reviews to Facebook, which helps to target a broader audience, with customers interacting with their reviews and taking them further afield by commenting or sharing the reviews themselves.

Case study summary

GutterPRO are a proven example that review collection is not only easily attainable, but that it also results in great benefits for that business and it's customer-base alike. GutterPRO are now able to establish customer trust when individuals visit their site, as well as personalise that experience with reviews published for each location. They help spread their great customer feedback using social media, encouraging traffic and conversion.

Congratulations once again to GutterPRO for smashing that 1,000 review mark, and demonstrating that tradespeople needn't fear review collection, but instead should welcome in and use it to help grow their business.

We are now using the green panels on our website and leaflets. It’s been a success internally, with team members and Franchise Partners, and externally with our potential customers, helping then to choose us rather than someone else.

If you're interested in getting reviews for your business and seeing the benefits like GutterPRO do, sign up to a free demo today - GutterPRO knew was right for them using the demo, and we're sure you'll feel the same way too!

For more case studies, visit the Case Studies topic area of our blog, or for information about what can do for your business, head to our business solutions page.

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