For companies offering legal services, reputation is everything. Gildeas Solicitors joined in February last year, hoping to harness the positive feedback they were receiving from customers in solid form and make it accessible for all to see. Today we're checking in with them to see how they've been getting on.

Who are Gildeas?

Gildeas is a Scottish law firm specialising in pursuer personal injury claims, medical negligence, property conveyancing, wills and estates.

Many of their clients have been through traumatic events and they deal with serious - and sometimes life-changing - cases on a daily basis. Getting a resolution can take months and sometimes years, so there is a great deal of pressure for clients to pick a firm that is right for them, and therefore, competition between firms is fierce.

Luckily, Gildeas pride themselves on offering every single one of their clients high levels of service, professionalism and support. Gildeas knew that being able to showcase proof of this would be essential in gaining enough trust and confidence to get new clients on board.

Collecting verified reviews with an independent platform

For Gildeas Solicitors, it wasn't just important to showcase customer feedback, but essential to showcase genuine, authentic and reliable reviews from past customers.


Using an impartial, third-party review platform such as means customers can rely on the feedback they see. This was key in order to showcase transparency and trust to potential clients.

Gildeas display their verified reviews on every page of their site using our Carousel Inline Widget which fits elegantly into their website layout and design. Displaying the badge alongside their reviews gives their feedback extra authority and shows clients the content seen there can be traced back to verified customers. They have a 4.84 average and have collected over 600 reviews - an amazing achievement.

Displaying reviews across their site is a bold move. It really hammers home Gildeas' transparency and says to customers 'this is a business that has nothing to hide. This is a business I can trust.'

A flawless reputation across the web

One of the first things Gildeas dealt with when joining was their low Google score. enables clients to send their customers to multiple third-party sites to leave reviews, including Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google, to help them build a consistent online reputation.

"We only had a handful of reviews which were predominantly negative on Google when we started collecting feedback so it was important to address this by getting more reviews and improving the average star rating"

Neil Richardson


And that's just what Gildeas did. Using Third Party Review Management, they have now collected 62 Google Reviews with an average score of 4.3 stars, with clients highlighting areas such as excellent service and helpful staff.

We always recommend looking at your online reputation as a whole. When customers search for your business, it's important that they see consistency across the web when it comes to your star rating. Anything other than that can cause doubt and make you fall at the first hurdle. Our Reputation Management makes staying on top of this easy.

High review collection rate

Left to their own devices, customers rarely leave reviews, especially positive ones. There are many reasons for this, but in general, getting more positive reviews is as easy as asking.  Although Gildeas had many happy customers prior to joining, because they weren't being directly approached to leave reviews, many of them were failing to make their voice heard. This explains that lack of Google reviews.

The industry average Review Collection Rate is relatively low at just 3-4%, but with our customisable emails and SMS options, boasts one of the best in the business. Here's what Gildeas achieved using our platform:

"I would say our review conversion rate is well above the industry average at around 10%"

Neil Richardson


Thoughtful review responses

As client cases can occasionally last several years, Gildeas often develop a real rapport with their clients. Giving customers a platform - a sort of, space of their own - upon which they can leave testimonials has led to some truly wonderful feedback for Gildeas.

"The support we provide goes beyond financial recompense and we often support clients through physical and mental rehabilitation during a difficult time for them. Claims can take several years in some cases, allowing time to build a rapport with our clients through face-to-face contact as well as e-mail and telephone"

Neil Richardson

Gildeas Solicitors

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 12.17.09 PM.png

By contacting the customer directly for a review, they feel that their opinion is valued. They are prompted to think back at the service they have experienced, and, as is the case with Gildeas, leave glowing and often touching reviews. Such personal reviews hit home the support on offer at Gildeas, making them stand out as Solicitors that aren't just good at their job, but truly care about their client's welfare.

Improved staff morale & motivation

Often the impact collecting reviews can have on the workforce is overlooked, but it's an area that was particularly beneficial for Gildeas.

Collecting reviews cemented the vocal customer feedback Gildeas were already receiving and turned it into actionable insights that could be seen and shared across the whole team.

"I feel we have encouraged a greater sense of pride in the way colleagues approach their work. For example, colleagues are aware that a client might mention their name in a review. Nobody wants to be named in a negative review and being named in a positive review is a badge of honour of sorts"

Reviews not only pinpoint areas for companies to improve upon but also act as a sort of remuneration for the effort the team put in. It's amazing how much a nice message from a client showing their appreciation can mean, and how much a negative review can encourage better service in the future.

Our competitor analysis feature and merchant metrics help businesses to take all of the reviews they've collected and get an overview of their performance in order to identify and make the changes and adjustments needed to stay ahead.

Charitable incentives

Gildeas have taken full advantage of the reviews they collect by occasionally sharing them across Twitter and Facebook. This reiterates their message of high customer service everywhere. Additionally, sharing reviews serves to prompt other happy customers to leave one of their own - perhaps another reason for Gildeas' above-average collection rates.

But Gildeas haven't just shared their reviews. They've started an initiative whereby for every new review they receive, they donate £1 to charity.

In Summary

Since partnering with, Gildeas have collected some brilliant customer feedback, solidified their online reputation across the web and become more visible in Google.

"Choosing has been a great move for us. We are hearing directly from our clients on a daily basis that the service we provide is of a very high standard. It has also made our client feedback more visible, both internally and externally, and after more than a year the positive effects of this are becoming more and more apparent. is also an innovative company which is regularly trialling and introducing new features to make it easier for businesses to collect feedback and use it to their advantage. I would highly recommend this platform to any business considering collecting feedback online."

Neil Richardson


It's been an absolute pleasure working with Gildeas so far and we look forward to seeing all that they achieve in the future with the help of reviews.

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