Edinburgh Watch Company consistently uphold excellent service throughout their entire customer’s journey - from first interest to saying goodbye to a timepiece. With REVIEWS.io, Edinburgh Watch Company have been able to showcase that great service by collecting reviews, and are now able to etablish even greater trust along every customer touch point.

Who are Edinburgh Watch Company?

Edinburgh Watch Company (EWC) was founded by Jonathan Gilbert, whose passion for watches led him to start Edinburgh Watch Company in 2014, offering individuals with a keen eye for quality and luxury, affordable watches with expert knowledge.

Edinburgh Watch Company

EWC understood the investment that goes into buying a luxury watch, and therefore appreciated the power of customer testimonials. EWC also appreciated that testimonials - although honestly left - are sometimes taken with a pinch of salt due to the nature in which they are collected and published. Therefore, EWC wanted a robust process to reflect the care and service they provided which customers could instantly trust.

“Historically we had posted email feedback onto the EWC website which was satisfactory, however to enhance this position as part of the new look and feel of our website redesign, we wanted to portray an independent testimonial that could not be perceived by some to have been altered. I see an independent review a critical part of our promotion and measurement of customer service.” - Jonathan Gilbert, Edinburgh Watch Company

Collecting and displaying reviews using an independent platform enables customers to see that the company in question hasn’t cherry-picked their best testimonials, but instead their feedback is left using an impartial service. Therefore, everyone's voice is reflected in the reviews they’re reading, giving them an honest and clear picture of the company they’re looking to buy from.

If customers can see reviews are genuine, their trust in the business is amplified, not only due to the feedback they’re reading, but because they respect that the company has taken the time to give all their customers a voice, and can therefore put their trust in them when they themselves make a purchase.

Edinburgh watch company on-site reviews

Edinburgh Watch Company modestly display their reviews on an individual review page using the Reviews.io Full Page widget. The widget dynamically pulls reviews through as they are left, keeping EWC’s reviews and review page fresh with up to date experiences.

Quality customer interactions

EWC value that every customer’s needs are different and take great care during first contact with their customer, whether that’s face-to-face or over the phone. By openly displaying reviews on their website along with their fantastic review rating, as well as across social media, this first interaction is further cemented.

Ediburgh Watch Company Reviews.io

As Jonathan himself states, the majority of these customers say they’ve already read EWC reviews by the time they get in contact! It’s no surprise, as with a cursory scroll of their homepage, customers are introduced to EWC’s great feedback within a carousel review widget for easy review viewing.

Edinburgh Watch Company’s review presence has also helped increase the number of leads they receive, as well as the quality. With reviews firmly positioned on-site, shoppers needn’t look elsewhere to establish the reputation of EWC, therefore when they call they’re already well-informed and interested, and as Jonathan says, in the ‘shoes of previous customers’. This results in more time spent talking with genuine shoppers, and less time spent having to reassure their service to those less certain about purchasing.

“Our measurement is typically verbal and is done so as we start to build a relationship with a customer where we look to understand how they found EWC. It is normally then that they comment on the value of our video reviews and the multiple reviews they have read. By seeing both it is as if they already know us as they can imagine being in the shoes of other sellers or buyers who want to deal with a trustworthy company. We know that the reviews page is regularly visited by new visitors as part of their journey navigating our website. Additionally we were able to benefit from a plugin on our Facebook page adding further value to our 5000+ followers.”Jonathan Gilbert, Edinburgh Watch Company

Thriving conversion, ratings and content

Finally, Edinburgh Watch Company’s improved trust is attested by their review conversion rates, review ratings and their reviews themselves. To date, EWC has only received 5 star ratings, meaning every single one of their 230 reviews is a fantastic 5 stars. And it’s clear to see why they’re rated so highly when we look at a sample of the reviews they’re receiving:

5-star edinburgh watch company reviews

With such great service and care provided by Jonathan, EWCs reviews are nothing short of shining. It’s these reviews which help push other shoppers to use EWC, knowing they will be well looked after and receive nothing but the best. Living up to their feedback, the end-result is fully-satisfied customers who are more than happy to shout Jonathan’s and Edinburgh Watch Company’s praises from the rooftops, with an outstanding review conversion rate of 47.6% backing this up!

EWC don’t just put this down to their fantastic level of care, but the simplicity of the review process too:

“My customers have regularly told me it was an easy process to complete a review. If it’s complicated they just won’t bother. For me as a business it is very easy to upload new invitations, review and resend those already invited and to respond to feedback.” Jonathan Gilbert, Edinburgh Watch Company

By giving companies the tools to quickly and efficiently collect and display reviews, less time is wasted for businesses creating a review strategy, and less time wasted for customers simply trying to have their voice heard. The end result is companies who exude trust and customers who feel valued.

In Summary

Since joining Reviews.io, Edinburgh Watch Company has effectively improved their customer trust - a rolling process that continues to grow as more individuals see reviews, use their service and leave a review themselves - as well as amplify their great service across the web.

“Since commencing with Reviews.io, we are proud to have over 200 customer reviews each with a 5 rating. We are, as a result, delighted to clearly see how our customers feel about their EWC experience and have found the Reviews.io product to be a seamless enhancement to what we do. I would thoroughly recommend them.” Jonathan Gilbert, Edinburgh Watch Company*

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