BUILT/ have seen a 15% increase in conversion and equally reduced their CPA 15%, all from giving their customers a platform to amplify their voice and effectively using their feedback to grow.

Founded just last year, BUILT/ have started as they mean to go on, creating a solid business strategy by incorporating reviews and putting their customers at the heart of what they do. In just 8 months they have managed to collect over 800 reviews - an impressive 100 per month - and have currently seen a 15% increase in conversion from displaying their reviews on-site. It's exciting to see their business go from strength to strength, so I got in touch to find out how they were getting on across all aspects of their business.

Who are BUILT/?

Established in 2017, BUILT/ are your builders merchants with a difference. BUILT/ put tradespeople first, in order for them to have the best materials both quickly and easily, so they could spend more time working and less time shopping around for the right products. Innovative thinking has led them to be the very first builders merchants with a drive-through service, helping them to achieve their goal of getting tradespeople on their way with the tools they need efficiently and with less hassle.

BUILT/'s Homepage With Their Drive-Through, Click & Collect and Own Delivery Services[/caption]

With an abundance of happy customers due to their great service, BUILT/ wanted to be able to showcase their efforts, enable their customers to be heard, and work forward from suggestions to reinforce their business. They searched for a complementary review platform that could match their vision and needs, and that's when they found REVIEWS.io.

"We spent a lot of time looking for the perfect review partner to help gather and amplify our truly wonderful customer reviews. Something felt so right about REVIEWS.io to help us with our growth and determination to delight customers at every opportunity and across every channel." - James Morgan, BUILT

Satisfaction seen across every channel

Since implementing company and product review collection, BUILT/ have proudly published their customer feedback on their site. Adding reviews on-site quickly offers customers visual validation of their services. It enables shoppers to see how individuals like themselves feel - with a recommendation rating of 93% the consensus is extremely satisfied - and put their faith in BUILT/, educating themselves on how that company operates within seconds.

And the proof is in the pudding; Through the addition of their customer-generated feedback to pages across their site, BUILT/ have seen a 15% increase in conversion. These reviews have also played a part (alongside other factors due to their recent inception) in increasing revenue approximately 300%! Both whopping figures, which undoubtedly demonstrate the benefits of collecting and publishing reviews; a fruitful addition to BUILT/'s toolkit.

You can easily add reviews to your site through a range of responsive, and rich-result friendly REVIEWS.io badges and widgets. BUILT/ currently apply the inline carousel widget, which can be seen in the above image. They also take advantage of the REVIEWS.io API, which means they can publish their reviews, rating and the Reviews.io logo in ways to suit their website and business needs.

Traditional methods

BUILT/ don't just believe their reviews are a one-channel experience, they also fully-optimise their review use on traditional advertising channels. They have recently released their first TV advert, at the end of which they display one of their customer reviews.

Not only do they establish trust for on-site visitors, but they cement it in shoppers who may or may not be acquainted with their services, firmly establishing their popularity with their current client-base in viewers minds. Along with targeting prospective shoppers online or from their sofas, they also appeal to customers visiting one of their yards there and then, by displaying reviews across TV screens.

This approach not only showcases their fantastic feedback, but reminds customers BUILT/ are keen to hear their thoughts and opinions about the service and products, and also acts as a gentle reminder for them to leave a review! If BUILT/'s client-base see other like-minded individuals are leaving reviews, it prompts those shoppers to do the same. The opportunity for customers to have their say expands BUILT/'s reputation, increasing repeat-buyers and therefore custom.

Stars in Google

As well as utilising their reviews within their capability, as a Google Licensed review partner, REVIEWS.io have also enabled them to get their stars in their paid ads in Google. Another step towards improving their visibility and therefore creating familiarity to emphasise favour of the BUILT/ brand.

Since collecting Google's required threshold of 100 reviews within a 12 month period, BUILT/ were able to see their Seller Ratings (stars) in their paid ads. When customers make a relevant search, BUILT/ stand out against their competitors due to their handsome 4.7 star rating sitting boldly within the listings

Due to the increased visibility within the lisitings, and the favourability of stars over competitors without stars to their name, they have seen a 12% increase in paid ad conversion, which in itself has led to an impressive 15% reduction in CPA! Not only are BUILT/ helping grow their online presence with their reviews, but they are optimising their ad spend and driving reveImproved business model

Finally, from the offset BUILT/ have gone above and beyond in making sure their customers receive top quality across the board, therefore they were - and still are - keen to learn from the people who have helped grow their business and improve their service further.

As a start up business, gathering and amplifying our feedback with REVIEWS.io is important for us to quickly understand areas we maybe haven’t got quite right yet in order to rapidly improve. Our commercial team regularly use reviews to influence decisions to change or discontinue products.

James Morgan,


Reviews enable BUILT/ to make observations into their service and products, helping shine a spotlight on potential blind spots. And with our Insights feature, it's even easier to extract sentiments from your reviews to reinforce areas of excellence, or appraise certain aspects.

BUILT/ noticed how much their customers were discussing and appreciating the fact employees loaded their vehicles for them, and therefore have made this a focus-point in their campaigns, to set them apart from other merchants.

We didn’t realise just how much our customers loved the fact that we loaded their order for them into their vehicle, until we saw the positive feedback on this in our reviews.

James Morgan,


Feedback works both ways, and so we asked BUILT/ what improvements we could make to the platform to make theirs and other businesses' experience better. BUILT/ suggested a feature in which they could benchmark their business against those within their industry. We took this on board, and as such our brand new Competitor Analysis feature will roll out soon, enabling all our clients to keep their finger on the pulse through access to competitor review data in real-time.

BUILT/ also take it upon themselves to reply to their customer feedback if any hiccups do occur. All reviews can be found within a company's timeline in the Reviews.io dashboard, and with alerts set, BUILT/ are notified as and when a less than favourable review is left. As such, no complaints slip under the radar, which allows BUILT/ to make amends with any unhappy customers, upholding their great reputation.

Blog summary

With review collection, publication and management over the short course of 8 months, BUILT/ have increased their conversion rates for organic on-site customers reading their reviews (15%) and shoppers directed from their ads (12%), as well as saved money by reducing their CPA 15%.

BUILT/ recognise the great potential their customer feedback has in helping their business go from strength to strength, and already work towards an improved business model.

It was great to finally hear about the results of BUILT/'s review strategy, and we look forward to seeing where they are in another 8 months. REVIEWS.io wishes you all the best with your business and your continued success!

If you're interested in increasing your conversion rates and smartening your ad campaigns like BUILT/, get in touch by visiting our site , or alternatively talk to a member of the team and find out how REVIEWS.io can support your business.

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