Announcing version 2.1 of the Management Dashboard.

A whole raft of upgrades and brand new features in today's release means our customers will get a far better understanding of and control over their reputation throughout the web.


The new Timeline is your window to real-time reviews. It shows at-a-glance all your latest reviews, giving you the power to respond immediately and stay relevant. Timeline

Split into Company and Product reviews, your timeline gives an interactive review feed allowing you to view, respond to and report on your reviews in one place.

Filter your reviews by type and see your company reviews, product reviews, 3rd party reviews and photo reviews. Focus on complaints and questions.

List your verified and unverified reviews by source or rating and see reviews awaiting a reply for action by your customer services team.

Display your overall review score by month, discover trends and take action.

3rd Party Review Management

For the first time in the industry, announces its Third Party Reputation Management suite. In addition to review collection and management on, our customers now have the unique opportunity to import, view and manage reviews from third party sources.

3rd Party Review Management

Easily collect reviews on Google Local, Facebook and Amazon from one location. Manage your reputation by assigning a percentage of your review invitations to third party platforms to maximize your reputation score across multiple platforms.

For more information on this ground-breaking feature, have a read of this blog post.

In-depth Reporting

We've massively overhauled the reporting functionality of the platform. New features include:-

Reputation Score

Get a quick overview of your aggregated review score. See your reviews by rating and your weekly rating timeline.


Net Promoter Score*

Monitor your current NPS and view your NPS breakdown of detractors, passives and promoters.

Net Promotor Score

*Net Promoter, Net Promoter System, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems Inc., Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld.

Review Stats

View your overall review conversion rate, see how many invitations have been sent and see which day gets the most conversions with our Review Conversion by 'Day of the week' graph.

Review Collection Stats

Sentiment Analysis

Use our powerful language-based sentiment analysis tool to automatically gain insight into customers experiences, without reading through every review.

We'll pick out keywords and scores in review comments and let you know where you need to take action.

Email Reporting

We've overhauled our email template page to include detailed statistics on each email in your arsenal. If you want to perform A/B testing, just create another template and our software will automatically spit the traffic between them. Once you see which has the best conversion, you can keep the ones that work. Create as many templates as you like.

Company review templates and product review templates are separated so you can ask different questions for each. Don't forget the combined email template which lets you collect both product reviews  and company reviews from the same email!

Email Stats


We've introduced the brand new Photos Widget, meaning you can now display product reviews with photos on your product pages.

Review Photo Widget

We've also overhauled and redesigned the UI in the Product Reviews widget, making it load x3 faster. The new Product review widget is easily customisable with no coding knowledge needed.

Product Reviews Widget

User Management and Permissions

Assign permissions to users throughout your organisation and control access to dashboard elements. You can now ensure your staff have access only to the functionality they require. Without giving them access to sensitive elements like email templates and sending of review requests.

Our Customers Say

I think it is a significant move on both functionally and feature-wise. Graeme Boulton, Director, Charles Clinkard (
I have been so pleased with, I can honestly say that our sales have massively increased thanks to the reviews collected. offer an easy to understand and manage client portal. Their staff are always on-hand to support my requests and resolve any issues very quickly - Humax Digital (
We're a huge fan of this service. We've used for years and have found the service delivers significantly higher conversion rates than Trustpilot and is literally one quarter the price. The backend reporting is a joy to use which was a major issue with our previous provider Feefo. The team is very responsive and they're always developing new features like NPS scores - Lovefone (

Get started

Existing users can log in to their dashboard here and start using these great features straight away.

If you are thinking about collecting reviews for your company and improve your reputation across the web, then choose one of our plans to get started. We'll also be happy to talk you through it and give you a demo. Just give us a call or sign up to a free trial today.