Are you an eCommerce marketer looking to drive conversion rates with targeted, impactful, data driven email campaigns? You’ll want to know more about how our latest integration feature can help.

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform designed with online businesses in mind. Intuitive and powered by data, it allows users to streamline the process of engaging an audience with relevant and personalised content. When used in conjunction with a review collection campaign, it becomes an online marketers dream.

A catalogue of Google Reviews is a necessity for any successful online store, since user generated content is known to increase click-through and conversion rates. For greater impact, it’s also wise to have reviews visible on-site.

If you’re wondering how to add Google Reviews to your website, you’ll need to make sure you’re using a collection platform like, and that you add an appropriate widget, or have an automated review invitation set up. You can create a free trial account with to get started with this. Once you’re up and running, you can use our seamless integration with Klaviyo to implement an email marketing strategy that takes your business growth to the next level.

Marketing Made Easy with & Klaviyo

Good marketing should improve the overall customer experience and keep them coming back to your online store for more. Here’s how you can make that happen with the powerful combination of and Klaviyo.

Engage Your Audience with Highly Targeted Campaigns

In order to boost your click-through and conversion rates, you need strategic email campaigns tailored to recipients. Every marketer knows the importance of creating consumer profiles and using them to drive content, and what better way to build these profiles than with data gathered directly from your target market?

The and Klaviyo integration makes this process incredibly simple. Using our customisable review forms and Additional Questions feature, you can collect detailed information on customer interests and preferences. You can then automate the process of pulling this data through to Klaviyo, creating finely tuned audience segments. Develop relevant content to send to each group, and you have highly targeted campaigns guaranteed to boost engagement.

Support Your Campaigns with Relevant UGC

Now you have a process in place for sending the right content to the right consumers, it’s time to drive conversions with authentic, trustworthy and influential user-generated content. Again, thanks to our Klaviyo integration, this process is a piece of cake.

Feedback collected through can be organised with custom groups and tags. When you come to create an email campaign, simply add filters relevant to the content to embed customer reviews that do all the talking for you.

Intialise Chats with Triggered Review Responses

Our Klaviyo integration does more than just support your wider marketing campaigns. It also allows you to connect with customers at an opportune moment and respond to feedback accordingly with triggered emails based on review scores.

You can build a relationship with your most loyal brand advocates by thanking them every time they leave a positive review. When they know their opinions are valued, they’re more likely to continue to sing your praises. Unhappy customer? Encourage them to return by acknowledging their complaints and offering a form of compensation, like a discount voucher. By keeping the conversation alive, you’re taking proactive steps towards customer retention, and all without having to lift a finger.

Key Benefits

  • Easily create audience segments based on review content. You can even create audiences based on content pulled from Instagram!
  • Strengthen your marketing by displaying your latest reviews directly within your email campaigns.
  • Encourage feedback with triggered emails inviting customers to review your product or service.
  • Trigger emails to thank customers for positive reviews – and to reconnect with those that have left negative feedback.
  • Encourage customer retention by linking loyalty and reward programmes like and Loyalty lion.

If you’re already a client with, head on over to our integration page to start your data driven email marketing strategy today.