How to get reviews on Facebook pages

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with a number of features to help business owners. Collecting and displaying Reviews on Facebook is one of them.


Business owners with a Facebook page may know that its possible to collect reviews through the platform. They may also know that Facebook often prompts visitors to a recently checked-in place to write a review on the platform. They may also know that these reviews can be switched on or off on Facebook itself and are displayed in a separate tab accessible from the Facebook Business page.

But you may not know that reviews collected in Facebook have a direct impact on your visibility in Google? Or that a consistently low Facebook review score manifests itself as a poor quality star rating in Google’s organic search results?

We’re here to run you through how to set up Reviews on your Facebook page and improve your review score, with the ultimate goal of increasing your star rating in Google’s organic search results. Let’s get to it.

Add the Reviews Tab to your Facebook page

To start collecting reviews you’ll first need to add that functionality to your Facebook page. First, ensure you are logged in with your business page administrator account, then navigate to your business home page. Click “Settings” at the top right hand side of your business page.

how to get more reviews on facebook

On the left hand side, navigate to Edit Page.

how to get more reviews on facebook

You’ll then get a list of tabs on the right hand side. To add the Reviews tab, just scroll to the bottom and hit the “Add Tab” button.

how to get more reviews on facebook

Once you’ve chosen the Review tab, it’ll appear in the edit settings page and you can configure it by clicking on it.

Here is where you’ll activate the tab to show on the site, and also where you’ll find your direct link which you can share with customers to write a review.

how to get more reviews on facebook

Reviews activated – now what?

Ok so you’ve now got the ability to collect reviews on your Facebook page. What’s next? Well, you should probably contact your customers and ask them to review you. However, you don’t just want to send out any old email from your Gmail account because firstly, you’re unlikely to get any response and secondly, you might get blacklisted by Google.

What you need is another solution. One which asks only verified customers to review you, in the form of a simple and branded email, which directs them to review you not just on Facebook, but on a whole range of third party sites including Amazon, Tripadvisor and Google Local.

You’ll also want to collect reviews on a Google-licensed third party review partner, because that’s the only way to get stars and seller ratings next to your paid ads in the Google search results.

How do Facebook reviews show in Google?

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that Facebook reviews are shown in Google. How does that happen?

If someone searches for your business on Google, and you have a Facebook page, then generally that page will rank pretty highly and usually on the first page. you may have noticed that Facebook pages sometimes have stars on them, giving an aggregated total of the reviews that business has collected on Facebook.

how to get more reviews on facebook

This star rating is entirely separate from those stars found in Adwords or Rich Snippets – and this is the important thing. Facebook reviews are not just visible on Facebook, but prominent in Google. This is true even if you only have 5 or 6 Facebook reviews.

So let’s say you aren’t actively collecting reviews on Facebook but your reviews tab is active. You might find some bad reviews creeping in (which you can’t remove – blame Facebook for that). Google will still index these and your customers will see them on the first page of Google.

Why not just turn off the reviews tab? Well, if you don’t collect reviews, you won’t get the stars on your listing on the first page of Google, and you won’t benefit form an uplift in click throughs to your site. Everything is linked together.

So the answer is to actively request that your customers review you on Facebook. That’s it.

Maintaining a consistent reputation

By collecting reviews across a range of sources, as well as sending them to Google, you’ll not only achieve Seller Ratings status quickly, you’ll also look better in your customers’ eyes. They’ll find reviews about your business everywhere online, and it only takes one platform with no reviews or bad reviews on it to put them off (especially if that’s their first impression of your business).

So the answer to collecting more reviews and better reviews, not just on Facebook but across the entire web, is to use’s Reputation Management solution. It’s part of our Growing Business package and is a game-changer in the review collection industry.

Here’s a video explainer:-


You can also post reviews which you’ve collected through to your Facebook page, automatically. Social Sharing is a pretty cool feature which you can turn on allowing all your 4 and 5 star reviews to be automatically posted to your Twitter and Facebook feeds. This gives you a constant stream of new review content for your social channels. You can learn more about activating this feature over on our support site.

how to get more reviews on facebook


Start collecting reviews for your business with and you can get a consistent rating everywhere online, including third party sites like Facebook, Amazon, Tripadvisor and Google Local. Click one of the buttons on this page to sign up to your free trial and get better reviews across the web.


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