Google have confirmed that the amount of reviews to qualify for Google Seller Ratings has increased from 30 to 150 reviews.

The increase might sound intimidating at first, but we think this increase well be an excellent opportunity for good companies to shine. In the long run we think this move will mean fewer of your competitors will be displaying seller ratings which will ultimately lead to higher conversions for your site.

Why the Change

Google are raising the bar so companies that offer superb customer service stand out. The new increase strengthens the power of the Google Seller Ratings solution in the long term.

Why this is positive

With a raised bar so to speak, fewer companies will meet the benchmark requirement. Therefore, there is less chance of your competitors having stars next to their ads. Once you achieve the 150 benchmark, you’ll stand out much more than you did previously and will convert at a higher rate than before.

Especially going into the holiday season having stars next to your ads is going to have even more of an impact due to less sites meeting the 150 requirement.

Google's Timing Is No Accident

The end of the summer normally marks the time when online companies start to focus their attention on the busiest trading days of the year. It’s also when marketing departments start to work on their holiday online marketing campaigns so the change comes at a pinnacle marketing strategy time of year.

Other Expected Changes

Over the coming 12 months we expect Google to make a few more changes to the ‘Seller Ratings’ program. Nothing has been confirmed, but our guess is that there may be a separate ratings given to individual aspects of the shopping experience i.e price, delivery and customer service.

Can you help me collect more reviews?

Yes, our team will be working around the clock to make sure our clients collect more reviews and at a consistent rate. We have always advised our clients to collect reviews consistently and not just to meet Google’s minimum requirements. If you need help sending a review booster or designing a higher converting review email, do not hesitate to get in touch via our Live Chat from your REVIEWS dashboard. We have several new features that can help companies struggling to collect reviews from their customers. Our latest SMS review collector solution sends review requests to your customers via SMS and our tests have shown a huge conversion increase over conventional review request emails. This feature is currently only available to Professional accounts.


We are also able to make custom in-store apps for clients, please get in touch for more details.