It's never too early to get yourself in a position for a boost in Christmas sales. One proven way of doing that is by collecting reviews and getting Stars and Seller Ratings in your Google search results.

Retailers usually have their Christmas sales planned out well in advance of putting the tree and tinsel up. Including review collection into your strategy is essential because without reviews, you won't get the extra boost in web traffic and conversions attributed to them.

Getting Stars and Google Seller Ratings should be one of your primary business goals, especially if you're running an ecommerce site and spending money in Google Adwords. Stars means more clicks, and more clicks means more traffic. More clicks and traffic means a better Adwords score, which in turn reduces your Adwords costs.

You can only get them by collecting reviews with a trusted third party review platform and sending them to Google.

Here's the thing though, you need 100 verified reviews in a 12 month period before you get stars in Google. This means you need to get your skates on and start collecting. Don't worry if you think you won't get there though, our conversion rates are very good.

You might not be getting through that volume on a month to month basis, which is why it's imperative that you start requesting reviews now, so that you'll be in a good position by November. In fact, if you start early, you'll also have Seller Ratings in time for Black Friday, if that's important to you, so that's all the more reason to implement a review collection strategy.

How long does it take to get 150 reviews?

We collect 100 verified reviews for Sports Direct every 8 hours! In fact Sports Direct have collected the most reviews of any UK company according to our research. So it won't take long at all.

Ok so perhaps you're not quite as big as Sports Direct.

We started collecting reviews for a small Dorset-based chocolatier called Chococo back in January, and they collected 155 reviews in their first month. They used our Review Booster technology to give themselves a bump start. This allowed them to contact all their past customers right at the beginning using a simple spreadsheet which we turned into a great email invitation. From that one email, they got half the number of reviews they needed in the first week.

chococo reviews

A recent addition to our client list is Choosey, the greeting card company specialising in real cards with user-created videos inside. They've collected over 200 reviews in their first two months.

Choosey Reviews

Hopefully you can see that it's not difficult to be prepared.

Why collect reviews?

Quite simply, you'll get more sales and more new customers, simply by using the comments and social proof of your previous customers. It's all about trust. Businesses which show a good star rating to a consumer before they even get to your site gives them an idea of the level of service they're likely to receive before they even look at your products. You could say that half the battle is already won by that point.

Effect of product reviews on sales

Showing reviews for individual products on your landing pages is also super beneficial, because a well-informed consumer is less likely to leave your site looking for an answer to a question that might be the subject of review content. We've got a blog post on that very subject, so have a read of 4 ways reviews positively impact the customer journey.

Why now?

It's going to take some time to get to the magic 150 reviews that Google needs before it shows your Seller Ratings in Adwords. The sooner you start, the better prepared you'll be. Rich Snippets will also get you seen in organic results and those can be implemented immediately, so there's really no better time to start collecting reviews.

Talk to us about your review collection strategy by giving us a call, alternatively, sign up now to request your free demo by clicking the button at the top of this page.